The next time some one
tells you that PR will surely win the next General Election you must tell them
that it can only happen with their help. Do not let the euphoria of victory in
2008 lull you into that comfort zone that tells you that PR will win and wipe
BN off the map of politics in Malaysia. It is easier said then done. The GE was five years away once…it is now one or two years away at most. Soon the
years will become months, the months will turn into weeks and then the weeks into days.
…..and then the election will be upon us! 
In between then and now
we must prepare ourselves to meet BN at its most desperate. Desperate enough to
irresponsibly include race and religion into their arsenal of weapons to fight
Pakatan Rakyat. Desperate enough to fill the jails to the brims with their
enemies – real or perceived. Desperate enough to legislate friends into enemies
and then have the audacity to equate any opposition to UMNO to that of being a
threat to National Security. Desperate enough to do any deal pay any
price and seek any way to wreck havoc within the ranks of PR just as long as
they can stay in power. They are doing this now as we breath.
Just the thought of an UMNO
without power would stampede its odious elites into spasms of fear and dread at punishment awaits them for having abuse the power given to them by the
people. Not all of them can afford to live overseas or flee for sanctuary
abroad where money can buy you time and a place to call home.
The large majority of
UMNO members can do nothing but wait for the inevitable. How UMNO will make use
of their members to try and hold on to power would be interesting to watch. All
it would take is the call to defend Race and Religion to drive these members into
a frenzy of mindless acts and physical mayhem if they are driven to believe
that by doing so UMNO will still have power and go on with their merry ways of plundering our national coffers.
Think May 13th,
think Memali. Think of the many Malays, Chinese or Indians who feel themselves
wronged for whatever reasons and are just waiting for an opportunity to right
that wrong! Think of the many
racial and religious incidents that have been happening around our country
whether it is by the Malays, Chinese or Indians. Mad men killing people because
they are of a different race and follow a different religion. Do you not think
that a desperate UMNO will not resort to consorting with lunatics if these
lunatics would allow them to cling to power? They think nothing of using trained and disciplined UTK
personals to eliminate Altantuya. Kugan was Police
Teoh Beng Hock was taken and flung out of a window for God knows what
reason by MACC – under whose biddings?. With money and power you can always find
lunatics to do your deeds however foul. And we know what UMNO has done in
the past when they have power. The thought of what they will do if they think
they will lose that power fills me with dread.
Of what concern are the
lives of a few thousand Malaysian if by their death these UMNO vultures can
keep the billions they have plundered from the nation and keep the power that
will give them more billions. After all they are not doing the killing. No need
to turun padang for this.      
For now they do not even
bother to hide behind vague words or deeds. Najib offering million of our money to the people of Sibu to buy their votes. This is corruption pure and simple and they have the gall to say it is not?
Taib and his Rolls
Royce claiming Sarawak as his own….not only acting as a Sultan but with the money to live as one. 
They no longer hesitate
to do these wrongs even when the people know. They are past caring – what
matters is the outflow of money into their pockets and their hold on power. For
the non-Malays most of them know that they are not thought of being worthy
enough by the BN government to be treated equally with the Malays. When that is
done these non-Malays know their own country have been taken away from them.
Because you have no country when the country you call home is no longer
welcoming of you. Just as they legislate friends into enemies through the ISA
they also legislated other races into second-class citizens. And so they leave to go to another country that treats
them better….much to the joy of UMNO….until UMNO realized the costs to the country and wants them back! 
Let us sit back and watch
these UMNO and BN actors play out their last act. Let us listen to what they say and do
and take it for what it is. The antics of desperate people playing out the last
episode of their depraved life. If you feel compel to put them out of their
misery be careful lest they are able to still harm you with their final few cut
and thrust of their already blunt swords. I say to let them drown themselves by
their own deeds as they wade further away from the shores into deeper waters
thinking that the deep holds redemption and hope for them. Like the fall of the
Roman Empire, like the last days of Idi Amin, Marcos and Saddam, like the final
act of Hitler let history have the final say in UMNO’s
history. History will not be kind to them. Neither will we and
I for one will claps my hands with happiness and laugh with joy when UMNO and
BN are out of our lives. If you can strike at them covertly in whatever way and be sure that you will not be harmed in retaliation – do so. If you can assist PR in their journey to power and a hopeful future do so. For now the least you must do is to keep the anger burning within us.