I have met Petra. I have
talked with him, had dinner with him and Marina and I do have an opinion of
him. He is opinionated. Small in stature but has a presence that might not
outshine everyone else in the room but he has his own aura….and too much
confidence in himself for his own good! Good looking in a ‘mixed parentage’ sort
of a way and generous to a fault. He gave me three copies of KJ chronicles
gratis at our first meet and paid for dinner at our last meet. So I still owe
him and Marina dinner.
It was not until I was in
Australia many months later that I knew about his Malaysia Today – honestly! If
I had known then I would have asked him to autograph the KJ chronicles that he
gave me….even if I had to pay for the books! And of course I would have treated
him with more then just passing curiosity 
– and maybe…just maybe with a bit more respect for what he has achieved
with Malaysia Today. But I digress….
In the time that I knew him
while I was still in KL it never crossed my mind that this Petra guy could be
any treat to the BN government. As I have said he was opinionated and had his
ideas about issues in Malaysia but to think that the BN government would devote
so much time, effort and money to try and contain this guy just underscores how
desperate the BN government must be.
Right now Petra is swimming
against a swift current with one hand tied behind his back. The other
handcuffed to an anvil that is slowly but surely trying to pull him to the
bottom of the sea. Both feet tied together. The only thing keeping him afloat
and allowing him to swim towards shore is his own will power and guts to stay
alive and be relevant in order to continue to be a thorn in BN’s side and wreck
havoc on UMNO in particular. And if any of you are interested…he is making good
Is it not pitiful to watch
this David and Goliath battle? Pity for Goliath, not for David who is winning.
Yes there are times when Petra allows his enthusiasm and a too adventurous
imagination to enter his writings – but nothing will get in his way in telling
a story. And for that we have to be thankful.   
Enough for now about this guy
before I get carried away with my take on him and he gets too carried away expecting
more. Keep writing Petra….and I know I will be looking forward to meeting with
him again because I know he would again pay for Dinner!