If there is anything that
can undo Najib and his Mrs. Number One, it is the unraveling of the French Submarine
Deal. The state-owned shipbuilder DCN in France whose subsidiary Armaris is the
manufacturer of the Scorpene-class diesel submarine sold to Malaysia are now
being investigated by the Paris Prosecution Office for bribery and kickbacks
paid to Malaysians involved in that deal. As Prime Minister Najib can manage
anything and everything that happens in Malaysia. But he has no control over
the French….thank God for that!
But is our Prime Minister
a fugitive from justice? Is there any evidence to suggest that Najib had deliberately
put himself beyond the reach of the Malaysian legal system? Is there any
evidence to show that he intends to leave Malaysia to escape possible
prosecution for his involvement (if any) in this affair? Can anybody link his
assumption of the post of Prime Minister of Malaysia as a deliberate act to
escape prosecution for any unlawful, illegal or criminal act? Is he hiding in
Najib claims he did not
direct the AG to not call him to be a witness (even though he could!) He did
not direct Immigration to take out all records of Altantuya visit into this
country (even though he could) As the AG said there is no issue. It has not
arisen, it will not arise….not as long as BN is in power! And for safe measure
he has already sworn in a Mosque that he is innocent – so that takes care of
So if Najib is not a
fugitive from justice what is he then? Error…I would say he is a coward!
No case has been put
forward against Najib and therefore it should not prejudice Najib from working
as Prime Minister. As I have said before Najib has never been caught for
corruption, abuses of power, nepotism, womanizing…he had done it all…he has
just never been caught!