“Some of you are
beginning to mutter aloud that maybe it is better that we stick to the devil
that we know then the devil that we don’t. After all these politicians are all alike”
In my posting ‘Bloggers …steady
lah’ I need to clarify the above statement. That is a quote from one of the
blogs that I read. It is not a statement from me – so I should have made that
clear. Politicians are NOT all alike. Let me repeat that.
Why would anyone
want to be a politician? They are required to work 24/7. No holidays. The
responsibilities is immense. Your exposure on a personal and public level is
relentless. What satisfaction you get from your work is just for the moment –
fleeting – because there are always people to meet, problems to be solved. The
pressure on your family is cruel…and if you do it the right way your pay is
nothing much to write home about! Unless you are a Politician in Singapore
where they are better paid.
all these sacrifices for what? It is because there are men who are determined
to make a difference – to try and improve the Rakyats quality of life and to
make our country a better place to live in. For that they are prepared to risk
their reputation, their family’s happiness, their personal health – everything –
because they believe that their work can make a difference to our lives. I
think that is why Kit Siang, Tok Guru and Anwar are Politicians. So brothers
and sisters cut them some slack