Let us try to do the difficult thing here. Let us
start a Peace Movement that has as its goal: “Bring home the Old Man”. Sans
Politics. Sans Race. Sans Religion.

In this Old Man we have a Malaysian who in years
to come will be written of as one who did what he thought was the right thing
to do to help Malaysia achieve its Independence – whether that was in fighting
the British, the Japanese or the Malaysian Government – he did it all! That he
did so under very trying conditions deep in the jungles of Malaya and Thailand
only lend credence to his to standing as one of our Freedom Fighters. We want
this Malaysian to be amongst us in this twilight of his years. We want to
listen to what stories that he still has to tell us and we want him to know
that when all is done, he can still come home.

Let us start by letting our Government know that
this is what we want. Let us start by making this slogan “Bring Him Home” known to as many people as we
can. Print this out. Paste it in your house, on your desk at work, stick it on
the windscreen of your car, on walls on buildings…anywhere that people can see
it. In time they will know whom we want “to bring home”.
If you believe in this go talk to three others
and get them to do what you are doing with the slogan with each of them talking
to another three each! You start with three and within a week that will become
a 1000 – easy! If we have 10 of us doing it–we have 10,000 in 7 days. We can do
this! All we need is to print just three of the slogan each and give it to
those that we bring to our side.   

If you can improve on the design of the slogan do
so. What is important is the message “BRING HIM HOME” . Two weeks from now we want
this slogan to start penetrating the consciousness of the Malaysian Public. We
need to get the critical mass that will guarantee a snowball effect that will
not stop by the end of the third week of us starting this. Let us try this. Put
this message on your Facebook- in your blogs, emails, sms – in any way you
think fit. If we the Public want Chin Peng to come home then we need to let the
Government know. Shall we? 
Let us start now! Spread this message to all our friends
out there. Paste this on to your facebook We can make a difference. But we need to work at it. Do your
bit  – every one individual that
gets to know about this takes us closer to our goal of getting everybody
involved! Spread it around!