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When we can treat Mat Top with so much misplaced relevance if not reverence, why can’t those corrupt politicians stick to plundering the rakyat and leave history to judge Chin Peng.

I don’t think Chin Peng is asking for any recognition for his role in the fight against the British to remove their yoke on the Malayans. For those who have read or heard of Spencer Chapman’s excellent account in “The Jungle is Neutral” may see Chin Peng in different informed light. Chin Peng only turned his guns against the British when he recognized that the British was merely making use of Force 136 to make a return to this country and continued to rape the economy of this country. This recount of Force 136 and its role in fighting the Japanese, will make those aware of this part of our Malayan history will judge Chin Peng as being a part of the process where Malaysians are striving to make this beautiful land a land of the free and a land where all Malaysians can have a small place under the sun.