If there is any way that I
could speak to Chin Peng this is what I will tell him: “I am not against you
coming home to Malaysia”. I am not against Chin Peng coming home not because I
have forgotten what he has done during the Emergency. I know he has been
responsible for many atrocities against many Malaysians. I know that even now
he is still a Communist at heart. I know he is a Chinese! He could have chosen
to come home immediately after the Peace Treaty signed in 1989 but he chose to
stay in exile. I know that there are still many amongst us that have witnessed
and experienced terrible times during our war with the CPM. To ask these people
to forgive Chin Peng would be like asking us to forgive UMNO. Almost
impossible….almost! To ask the Malays to forgive and show compassion to Chin
Peng would also be asking much of them. But we need to ask them!
Let us try to do the
difficult thing here. Let us start a Peace Movement that has as its goal: “To
bring home the Old Man – Chin Peng”. Pure and simple it is to “Bring him Home”.
Sans Politics. Sans Race. Sans Religion.
Why do we want to bring
him home? Each of us will have our own reason for wanting him home but in truth
we do not have many people in our midst that we can truly hold up to be those
that are less ordinary. In terms of bravery only one name is in my memory   – WOI (Rtd) Kanang anak Langkau –
Malaysian Army’s most decorated hero – a Regimental Sergeant Major of 8 Renjer
and recipient of the “Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa”
OBE Awarded to Chin Peng by the British Government( Later withdrawn)
In Chin Peng we have a
Malaysian who in years to come will be written of as one Malaysian who did what
he thought was the right thing to do to help Malaysia achieve its Independence
– whether that was in fighting the British, the Japanese or the Malaysian
Government – he did it all! That he did so under very trying conditions deep in
the jungles of Malaya and Thailand only lend credence to his to standing as one
of our Freedom Fighters. We want this Malaysian to be amongst us in this
twilight of his years. We want to listen to what stories that he still has to
tell us and we want him to know that when all is done, he can still come home.
Let us start by letting
our Government know that this is what we want. There are many ways to do this.
To start I suggest we do this in the most passive way. 
Let us
start by making this slogan “Bring Him Home” known to as many people as we can.
Print this out. Paste it in your house, on your desk at work, stick it on the
windscreen of your car, on walls on buildings…anywhere that people can see it.
In time they will know whom we want “to bring home”.
Do this
using UR1 VR2 . If you believe in this go talk to three others and get them to
do what you are doing with the slogan with another three each. You start with
three and within a week that will become a 1000 – easy! If we have 10 of us
doing it – we have 10,000 in 7 days. We can do this! All we need is to print
just three of the slogan each and give it to those that we bring to our side.   
If you can improve on the
design of the slogan do so. You do not need to get my agreement – just send one
to me so that I know. What is important is the message “BRING HIM HOME” . Two
weeks from now we want this slogan to start penetrating the consciousness of
the Malaysian Public. If we can start with ten people we can get the critical
mass that will guarantee a snowball effect that will not stop by the end of the
third week of us starting this. Let us try this. Put this message on your
Facebook- in your blogs, emails, sms – in any way you think fit. All that I ask
is that you try and keep me inform of what it is that you have done –through my
blogs or through steadyaky47. Let us start now! 
If you want ask me why do
I want to do this? Then listen very carefully now. I remember the 6th
of December very clearly. I was with a dear friend, the late Ismail Mamat –
once Political Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture Manan, when we heard
that Tunku had passed away. Ismail made some calls and he was told that they
were bringing Tunku to his house in Kenny Hill. We immediately headed there. We
were in time to receive his body, as we were one of the first few there. As I
sat beside Tunku’s body I could see that physically he was a shadow of his old
self. How he must have suffered these last few months. Instead of enjoying his
last years in retirement he was actively campaigning for Ku Li and against
Mahathir in the General Elections just a few month back in October. And I did
not do anything to help Tunku in his final battle against a party he helped
found, UMNO. Nothing at all. And now he was lying there in front of me. And I
could do nothing still.
With Chin Peng he is still
with us. So I am resolved that I will try and do something. We must all try and
do something. How will we try? Public Opinion. We are the Public.
“Its name is Public
Opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles everything. Some think it is the
voice of God” Mark Twain.  
If we the Public want Chin
Peng to come home then we need to let the Government know. Let us try with UR1
VR2. Shall we?