would indeed be unfortunate for the Malays if there are some amongst us who would
be prepared to do battle with their own in the belief that they are fighting
for the greater good of the Malay race – and to do this not because they are
paid to do so by UMNO but because this is what they genuinely believe they
should do to ensure the survival of the Malays in Malaysia. I have met such
Malays. They have this unwavering belief that it has been and it will always be
a “them” and ‘us” situation. And if there are Malays who are prepared to break
rank with UMNO and join “them” then so be it. They are traitors to the Malay
Hussein Onn, Mahathir, Abdullah  –
all President of UMNO once – all these men have chosen to leave UMNO at one
time of another. If these President of UMNO’s were moved to leave UMNO what
then of people like Anwar Ibrahim? Is he not in good company?
decicion to leave UMNO was not for country, for party or for any ideals that he
holds. Pure and simple it was in disgust at Abdullah Badawi for what Mahathir
perceived to be Abdullah’s failure to do what Abdullah said he would do when
Mahathir appointed him as his deputy. Mahathir appointed Abdullah as he had
appointed Musa and Anwar. The arrongance of Mahathir to think that an
undertaking that Abdullah gave to him is more important that what is best for
the country!  
Why do
you think Mahathir has taken so much umbrage over Pak Lah’s decision to abort
the CIQ? Was it because the contractor has ‘advanced’ money to UMNO? Have they
done “National Duties” at Mahathir’s requests? Whatever the contractor has or
has not done – for sure he has already been compensated handsomely by the
government – again at the taxpayers expense !