ok.  Was rather impressed by KJ’s maiden speech as Ketua Pemuda.  At
least he did away with ketuanan melayu and banished the kris kissing saying
that the kris was presented to Hishamuddin as a parting gift. Hahahaha”
Friends I
received that e-mail from my cousin in Kuala Pilah this afternoon. I did not
hear KJ speak but this I know of KJ. If there is one thing you can say of him
it is that he does have the capacity to understand what is happening around
him. And if it serves his purpose he will do the necessary. Remember his
upright stand that the Internet should not be ‘managed’ by the powers that be?
Well that statement by KJ was because he fully understood the futility of doing
so and he understood the popular sentiments then prevailing – that the people
will not tolerate it.
Ditto for
Ketuanan Melayu. KJ understands that this Ketuanan Melayu concept has been dead
at the starting post a long time ago. So he takes the ‘courageous’ stand to
give notice to all that he is not for ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. Good for him – now let
us se what he does next about walking the talk. No more negotiated tenders? No
more jobs for the boys syndrome? We wait and see.
P.S. That “giving
the keris to Din as a parting gift” comment was good. Do not let it be said
that KJ is without a sense of humor. I just wish he would use his powers for
good rather then evil….