Can somebody out there please
tell me how to make Nasi Dagang! It does not matter whether it is the Trengganu
Nasi Dagang (which I think is white in colour), the Kelantan Nasi Dagang or the
Nasi Dagang that your Mother makes…I have not had Nasi Dagang for so long. Any
decent Nasi Dagang will do. I intend to make Fish Head Curry with Terong and
Lady’s Fingers this weekend and instead of having it with white rice – Nasi Dagang
would be fantastic. Would also appreciate some info on how to make Nasi Lemak. Please
make the instructions simple because I am the one who will have to cook it – my
wife is a vegetarian and Greek – so the only Malay dish she can cook well is ……..(
I really cannot think of anything here !). Saya menuggu dengan hati yang
berdebar debar ! which means my heart is already beating very fast just thinking
about Nasi Dagang and Nasi Lemak. Please no recipe from cooking books…only the real deal! Either from your  mother or some Mak Chik who knows what she is doing. Salam.