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SEAGRA : Jumlah: :USD1,000000000.00 (USD 1 Billion) #corruption #banks #statutorybody STEADYAKU47.COM SEAGRA : Jumlah: :USD1,000000000.00 (USD 1 Billion) In these coming days, weeks, months…maybe even years… this Pakatan Harapan government will lay bare the greed of Rosmah [...]

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The ex AG, ex MACC boss and a Tan Sri…making money the Malaysian way.…/the-ex-ag-the-ex-macc-boss-and-a-…/ STEADYAKU47.COM The ex AG, the ex MACC boss and a Tan Sri : Making money the Malaysian way !!! I have often wondered about the back bone of this former Attorney General, Abdul Gani [...]

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Slipped, Stumble and Fell. #nation STEADYAKU47.COM Slipped, Stumble and Fell. I do not know if you guys get to read as many messages and comments of issue issue semasa – current affairs -as I do. I [...]

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