The Altantuya Story (as it has never been told before)! The story of Altantuya starts with the story of Razak Baginda and Altantuya. This is the usual story of a man with too much money and a girl who was willing to help him [...]

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Sirul Azhar Umar…wither he goes?

GE14 has flushed out of the woodwork a few of Malaysia's low life that we would rather forget.  Tony Fernades is the guy who started this "any one can be an Idiot" cavalcade that we [...]

Sirul RM$2 million Allocation.

In Late 2015 or early 2016...after the videos exonerating Najib from the murder of Altantuya was made and released by Sirul, the sum of RM2 million was disbursed by Datuk Seri Hasanah to the three [...]

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Lim Kit Siang : Missing in Action !!!

    Where is Lim Kit Siang?  When DAP was accused by Umno of being a anti-Malay, he was there. When DAP was accused of being anti-Islam, he was there.  When MCA leaders accused him [...]

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Sirul…Nak buat deal dengan Tun konon !!!

As the dust settles after GE14 we begin to see Idiots emerging from the rubble and rubbish that was once umno. Of course there are no bigger idiots then the two idiots who were once [...]

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Sirul Azhar Umar : What he has in common with Najib Razak !!!

"Sehingga kini, Bukit Aman belum mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan berhubung gerakan yang dilakukan polis terhadap kediaman Najib itu. Terdahulu, Najib menunaikan solat terawih di Masjid Kampung Baru sebelum pulang ke kediamannya kira-kira jam 9.50 malam, kira-kira [...]

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Taiping to my right. Taiping to my left…aiyah so many from Taiping.

The only thing that has never left my memory from the only time I was in Taiping was the beautiful and serene Taiping Lake Gardens.....and this was before Najib was even a glimmer in my [...]

Conversation with Sirul Azhar Umar on the 15th August 2017.

These are my notes of my conversation with Sirul Azhatr Umar on the 15th August 2017...jotted down in my hotel room after I spoke to him. I came across them this evening in my Mac....and I [...]

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They must think we are Idiots like them!!!! Ptui!

Iraq posses weapons of mass destruction that were an imminent threat to the safety of the so-called free world. 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Miss Lewinsky" ‘Wallahi Wabillahi Watallahi. I do [...]

Deepak…another court circus about to unfold?

Deepak on hearing 27th March 2.30 pm. Are we going to see a repeat of the Azilah/Sirul/Altantuya situation in order to keep Deepak quiet? With Sirul and Azilah the change of lawyers started at [...]

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Requesting for A Criminal Charge against the Malaysian CID Chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd For Alleged “Dirty Funds” deposited in Australia

Date:  16 March 2016 The Australian Government AUSTRAC Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Division  Tower 2, Level 27 727 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008 Dear Sir, Re:   Requesting for A Criminal Charge against the [...]

Pakatan Harapan’s Manifesto : An Addendum?

steadyaku47 comment : May we respectfully propose an addendum to the Pakatan Harapan's Manifesto to include the following issues that has vexed Malaysians for over a decade.  MAY JUSTICE BE SERVED TO THE FALLEN VICTIMS [...]

“Grieve not too much for me…grieve more for my country”

Yesterday we paused for a moment to remember Tan Sri Sanusi and to say goodbye to him....but paused only for a moment my friends, for I am sure that Tan Sri will tell us "Grieve [...]

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