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cakap cakap : Those of you who can leave Malaysia. Leave.

cakap cakap : It is now 4.25 am here in Melbourne. The silence is deafening. How can quiet be deafening? Try it. Try waking up at this hour and sit listening to everything around you. [...]

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cakap cakap : We did not vote for Pakatan Harapan at the last general election. We voted for “NOT UMNO”.

Sunday 10.30 am. This morning I was on my way to a Trash and Treasure meet - a weekend pleasure I enjoy doing as often as I possibly can - when a call from KL [...]

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cakap cakap…keadaan semasa.

The frequency and intensity of what you guys post about Tun Mahathir are worrying. Worrying for our nation. Worrying for Pakatan Harapan and surely worrying for Tun himself. But really, who cares? This Pakatan Harapan [...]

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cakap cakap : pagi Ahad.

Sunday at 10.32 am. Melbourne. 20nth October 2019.  Two years ago, did the likes of Maszlee, Syed Siddiq, Azmi, Mat Sabu, Azizah, Mahyuddin, Gobind Deo, Lim Guan Eng, Sivarasa, Waythamorrthy, Khalid...and of course Tun Mahathir [...]

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cakap cakap… we are all Malaysians.

One of the things we have fought for before the last PRU was choice. We wanted a responsible, good decent government in Putrajaya with strong opposition in Parliament to keep those in government honest. We [...]

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cakap cakap…race and religious armageddon.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia. What do Ketuanan Melayu and Bumiputra status imply? Ketuanan Melayu implies the inferiority of the non-Malays. What does making Islam as the national religion of Malaysia implies? It implies that all other [...]

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