I want to talk about Tun Mahathir tonight. …well really about Tun’s children but we start with Tun.

Yes, I know Tun from the time he had those problems with Tunku. I know him when he bought Anwar into Umno, when he kicked Anwar out of Umno, when he had that very public confession “Why must that thing die before me” and I have known Tun all along, until today. And yes I was one of those bloggers who supported Tun in the last general election. So if any of you want to make any claims that you know Tun better than me and far longer than me….please lah…think again. Unless if you are over 72, then do not make any claim that you know Tun longer than me….because I am already 72 last October! 

There is only one other thing I want to add to the above claim so that we all know that I am speaking the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Just a little caveat so that we all know where I am coming from: I know Tun very well, BUT Tun does not know me. 

Now that that is out of the way, can we go into the things I want to talk about Tun? About his children really!  

One of the things you guys are always talking about is how rich Tun’s children are. Let us get this into perspective. Are the children of the late Lim Goh Tong of Genting fame, rich? What about Daim’s children? Lee Ka Shing’s children? His two sons, Victor Li and Richard Li, are prominent figures in the Hong Kong business scene. Why are these children rich? They are rich because of their father. Their father gave them the opportunity to make money. Helped them to make money and where he can, he did everything in his power to help his children get richer and richer. These children of very rich and powerful fathers usually do not fail. If they had a sensible head on their shoulders, they will take the opportunity given to them by their father and build on that opportunity to make themselves more successful and more wealthy.

It is the same with Mahathir’s children. Of course, they are a millionaire or maybe even billionaire because of who their father is – the PM of Malaysia for a hell of a long time and still PM now. They took whatever opportunity that came their way as Tun’s children and built on the business opportunity that came their way to become what they are today. All of the other PM’s children that came after Mahathir are rich too – but not as rich as Tun’s children. Ask yourself why? Maybe they were not as good a businessman as Tun’s children are? Maybe they squandered the opportunity that came their way? Not Tun’s children. They made full use of whatever opportunity that came their way and today they are well established in whatever business they are in. With or without Tun, they will continue to flourish.

Stop saying that Tun is clinging on to power to ensure that his children remain as rich as they are today. Of course, there were times when they use Tun’s name, used Tun’s contacts, traded on the fact that they were Tun’s children. But if they are not as good as they are, they will not be as rich as they are today. So please lah…take off your hat to Tun’s children for what they are today – successful businessmen locally and internationally.

Do I like that they used their position as Tun’s children to get rich? No I do not…but them are the realities. The children of Li Ka Shing, Lim Goh Tong, Low Yat, Daim are rich because of who their father are but they also took advantage of their position to be successful at the business that they do. So please guys….get over it…with or without Tun now, his children can survive successfully in whatever business that they are now doing!