What happens when there is marine salvage work to be done? The recovery, evacuation, and reclamation of damaged, discarded, condemned, or abandoned ships, crafts, and floating equipment in order that vessels can move freely and safely to transport goods to ships out at sea? Does the Jabatan Laut Wilayah Timor and POAC (PERSON IN OVERALL ADVISORY CONTROL) appoint the party to do the salvage work? And in as far as these two parties are concerned, there seems to be only one Marine Salvage company that can do that work : Malaysian Maritime Services Sdn Bhd (MMS) and if they are not appointed to do the salvage work, then all marine transfer to ships offshore by kapal tunda and/or tongkang must cease!

Is there only one Marine Salvage company in Malaysia? 

Work to be done is now monopolized by one company. MMS. And the relevant authorities are instructing all work to be awarded to that sole salvage company! What does that smell of? CORRUPTION!

This is what is now happening at the estuary /muara of Kuala Pahang. One anak syarikat negri Pahang, transporting sand to a ship offshore has been instructed by Jabatan Laut Wilayah Timor and the POAC to appoint Malaysian Maritime Services Sdn Bhd (MMS) to do marine salvage work to clear the estuary of two wrecks. “If disagree or change the salvage contractor you are not allow to operate” from POAC.

Currently, the sand operator has stopped sending river sand to the mother vessel until PT Buana accepts and awards the salvage contract to MMS! Blackmail and corruption go hand in hand here! If PT Buana is paying for the salvage work, should they not make the decision as to whom they would want to award the salvage work contract?