I am still amazed at how politics and the right amount of cash can still reach out to touch everything that matters to us. Everything! The Judiciary. PDRM. SPRM. JPJ. DBKL. Cabinet Ministers. The Prime Minister even! And that is not the final list.

Nothing in Malaysia is beyond its reach. Off the top of my head, I am still waiting to see when Mat Sabu’s son will have his day in court for the drug offence that he was arrested for in January this year. Yes, he has been charged in June this year, but any other “normal” drug addict would by now have had their day in court. Mahathir’s children are unashamedly still in the thick of all the wheeling and dealings going on in Bolehland. We knew how corrupt PDRM was during Najib’s time so how come that Tweet of an ex IGP, KHALID, is still out and about instead of being under remand for crimes against the nation? Sharir ex-Chairman of FELDA had already put his hands up as being a recipient of Najib’s donations and yet he is still leading a charmed life. No arrest, no charges not a hint of scandal around him. What about Altantuya? What about Nazri Aziz, Sharizat, Mat Mazlan and the herd of other BN politicians who are all living beyond their means? When are they all having their day in court? There was corruption in Tabung Haji, Risda, Felda, EPF. Are the same people who have made the corruption possible still working there? For sure Isa Samad is no longer Chairman of Felda but surely Isa cannot do all the scamming, pilfering, thieving and pillaging of Felda without the “support” of at least Felda’s top management and the collusion of others down the line. When are these people to get their just desserts?

Today there are still negotiated tender? Today who you know can still get you contracts and licenses? Are teachers and government servants being transferred out because mereka “diperlukan” in places far in the ulus? Are there still many little Napoleon running their own private fiefdom in the various government departments and municipalities?

Bloggers are still being nabbed for crimes against the nation and crime against individuals who should really be having thicker skin than they now have? Are the religious authorities still raiding hotels and peoples home to nab couples engage in khalwat? Is not going to Friday prayers still a crime? Why is Zakir Naik still around? Why has not PDRM tell us more about the missing Pastor? So many questions that are being asked and so few answers from those who should know better. Sometimes I feel that I am still trapped in the era before PRU 14.