Azilah’s SD is riddled with holes, full of untruths and is not worth the paper it is written on. Who is that lawyer who took down the SD and what was his motive in being an accessory to making up a fake SD that accuses Najib Razak of having ordered the murder of Altantuya? Any decent lawyer can tear apart Azilahs SD in two shakes of a kerbau’s tail and without doubt, Azilah will be held in contempt of Court. But why should Azialah care if he is to be held in contempt of court?  For a man about to be hanged, any stay with his gallows date is a welcomed distraction is it not? If anybody is to be delinquent for wasting the court’s time and for whipping the Malaysian public into a frenzy of false anticipation and expectations for the former PM to be indicted for the murder of Altantuya, then those complicit in the filing of Azilah’s SD must be held accountable.

Only in Malaysia will an SD so false become viral in a matter of hours. By today it would have had as much traction as the story of the King’s abdication, the same hype as that time when the guy down south did one million ringgit worth of shopping at a local supermarket and would have had the same toxic publicity that another sodomy case against DSAI can generate! 

Chill guys. Najib may be an obnoxious guy who stole billions of our money but he has nothing to do with the murder of Altantuya. As for Musa Safri, go look for him. You will find that he is now a “businessman” and a wealthy one at that, but desperately unhappy with his lot because he thinks that he deserves more for his part in keeping his mouth shut. ….another misplaces story of entitlement that we are all too familiar with, in Bolehland.

There is also the tale of those three Datuk lawyers who profited handsomely from their dalliance with Sirul – the other half of the Altantuya murderers, but that is another tale to be told. And it will be told when those three lawyers are hauled before the Judiciary to explain their part in some shenanigans having to do with tax evasion and money laundering! And do not rule out the return of Sirul into the limelight and the sorry tale of his son now trying to find his legs in Sydney like a fish out of water. And somewhere in all that mix is Rosmah’s Rizal Mansor who went to individuals with cap in hand ostensibly collecting for the legal upkeep of the legal team taking care of Sirul, collected many millions of ringgits and then, like all things Malaysians, pocketed the money himself! 

As for Azilah, why did Surendran visited him in Kajang two weeks ago? And when all this is over, will Azilah go back to Kajang and go back to supplying the inmates there and in Sungai Buloh with what he has been supplying them all this while? Nudge nudge wink wink?