In the last 48 hours, much has been said and written about the SD made by Azilah in which he implicated Najib Razak in the murder of Altantuya. I have had my say on this matter this morning “Azilah’s SD is riddled with holes, full of untruths and is not worth the paper it is written on” and what I have to say is the sum of three years of work/involvement in matters and issues having to do with and arising out of that murder. All that I have written on this subject matter can be read in my blog where I have a section with all relevant articles pertaining to this matter parked in one place to make it easy for you guys to access.

In this Altantuya saga, many individuals have profited handsomely – some more handsomely than most. Top of the food chain were the three lawyers who appointed themselves to be on Sirul’s legal team.

  • Dato Kamarul 
  • Dato Hasnal.
  • Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat

Then there is Rizal Mansor, Rosmah’s PA who kept for himself the many millions that he had collected from individuals on the pretext that the money he was collecting was for Sirul legal costs. And from there down the food chain right to the foot soldiers who did the bidding of these people, every one of these bastards made money out of the misery of Sirul and the murder of  Altantuya. 

Now Azilah’s SD. I can already picture Shafee salivating and rubbing his hands in glee at the thought of cross-examining Azilah on the contents of his SD. Consider what Azilah said in the SD “Saya bertanya kepada TPM apa yang dimaksudkan dengan tangkap dan hapuskan perisik asing tersebutdan TPM menjawab, “Shoot to kill,” sambil menunjukkan isyarat memotong leher.” Really Azilah? Najib actually gave “isayarat memotong leher”? If you say Rosmah said that with a “isyarat memotong leher” I may be inclined to believe you…but Kepit man? Anyway, let Shafee do the honors of ripping your SD apart when he sees you in court.

And many of you guys keep asking the same question. Why would Azilah and Siurl kill somebody they did not know? Guys these guys work for Unit Tindakan Khas. When these guys have a job to do, they do. No question asked. As to who gave the orders…read what I write in my blog and the answers are there. 

For sure it would be great to have Najib charged with Altantuya’s murder with no bail! But Tun says there must be Rule of Law in the Malaysia that we are now living in. I suggest you guys just step back from any preconceived “truth” that you may have about the murder of Altantuya. I suggest you wait and see what eventuates dalam masa terdekat as Najib’s and Razak’s lawyers earn their money by convincing the court that Azialah’s SD has no merit and throw the whole damm SD into the waste paper basket. So one last, just remember this: I said that Najib, Rosmah, and Razak Baginda are not involved in the murder of Altantuya.