As the dust settles after GE14 we begin to see Idiots emerging from the rubble and rubbish that was once umno. Of course there are no bigger idiots then the two idiots who were once occupants of Seri Perdana. Mr and Mrs Idiot are the mother of all idiots. Hands down I declare them Idiot number one and idiot number two.

Now who are the other idiots in and outside of umno? Tony Fernadez, Khairy Jamaluddin and Sirul Azhar Umar heads the list. Enough has been said of Tony and KJ about themselves to confirm their place in the upper echelons of idiots… need for anybody else to get involved !

Hot on their heels comes Sirul Azhar Umar !


EXCLUSIVE | He tells M’kini that he will say what really transpired 12 years ago.

Sirul willing to assist in Altantuya case – with a full pardon
EXCLUSIVE | He tells M’kini that he will say what really transpired 12 years ago.


steadyaku47 comment :

Sirul engkau ni bodoh atau kurang siuman? He wants a full pardon to tell what really transpired 12 years ago? Really? Trying to do a deal with Tun Dr Mahathir ? Hubris !!! And what will the deal be Sirul? You have something to say that will get Najib into trouble? What more trouble can this Sirul put Najib into? Is he going to implicate Najib in the murder of Altantuya? Is he going to implicate Najib in the making of those videos where he exonerates Najib of any involvement in Altantuya’s murder? Who else is Sirul going to implicate? The three lawyers …all Datuks…..who have been “taking care of business” for you? Are you going to implicate Ganesan who has been taking care of your needs for a hell of a long time?

Stop for a minute and think Sirul !!!

Najib is already “dead meat”..itu cara orang Australia kata “dah tak ada harapan untuk nak buat apa apa”…dah mampus !!! Bila orang dah mampus apa lagi you boleh buat supaya dia lebih mampus? Tak ada apa apa !!! So how are you going to make a deal with this Pakatan Harapan government when you have nothing that Pakatan Harapan need to hantam Najib more than what he is now already being hantam???

You want Tun Dr Mahathir to arrange for you to get a full pardon – which in your case will be from the Sultan of Selangor because the crime was in Sleangor….and what will you give in return? Najib’s head on a platter?

No lah Sirul…Tun Dr Mahathir already check mate Najib. No need for Tun to do any deals with you ….and you sure cannot ask for RM25 million from Tun Dr Mahathir for telling him what transpired 12 years ago ! In fact I do not think you can get even RM25 ringgit from Tun Dr Mahathir! All that is history. The last time I was in Sydney trying to work something out with you …you choose money over freedom. And I told myself I will wait a year and then maybe talk with you again to see if any money had indeed come your way. That year has not ended and here you are in the headlines again trying to do another deal…this time with Tun Dr Mahathir.

Here is some free advise from me. Only one thing would be of interest to Tun and to all Malaysians. The truth…nothing but the truth. No deals. No money changing hands. No dedak….and certainly you are in no position to ask for a full pardon. Before you talk about a pardon… get that death sentence hanging over your head committed to a life sentence first !

Anwar Ibrahim got a full pardon within a week…but Sirul…awak bukan Anwar Ibrahim. You are a common criminal trying to make a profit from your killing of an innocent Mongolian women !!! Go rot in jail !!!