Where is Lim Kit Siang? 

When DAP was accused by Umno of being a anti-Malay, he was there.

When DAP was accused of being anti-Islam, he was there. 

When MCA leaders accused him of being anti-Chinese for selling the rights of the Chinese to the Malays. he was there.

When Umno accuses him of wanting to do away with Islam as the official religion and bring about a Christian Malaysia – he was there.

He was there when Dap was accused by Umno of being complicit in the disappearance of MH 370, being responsible for the problems in 1MDB, in the murder of Altantuya, Kugan and even Tech Being Hock. Still Lim Kit Siang stood his ground and he was there.

Now that Umno and BN are have been vanquished and we know that Lim Kit sing is not only responsible but was complicit and responsible for Umno and BN’s defeat at GE 14….Lim Kit Siang is nowhere to be seen !!!

Please Uncle Lim where are you . We want you to bask in the glow of success. We want to shower you with accolades and thank for what you have done to bring back order, structure, sanity, good governance (we hope) and grace back into our lives.

And yet Unlce Lim….we understand that you may think your work is done !!!

We understand that you now want your life back after a life time of doing your best for King, country and the people of Malaysia. 

For all that Uncle …I salute you.  For all that Malaysia and Malaysian salutes you.