Date:  16 March 2016
The Australian Government
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Division 
Tower 2, Level 27
727 Collins Street
Docklands VIC 3008
Dear Sir,
Re:   Requesting for A Criminal Charge against the Malaysian CID Chief Wan Ahmad
         Najmuddin Mohd  For Alleged “Dirty Funds” deposited in Australia
Dear Sir,
It was recently reported in the media all over the world that the Australian Authorities has frozen the bank account of one Malaysian CID Chief ( Name Above ) that is alleged to be involved in an act of money laundering and/or depositing funds arising from criminal activities not limiting to corruption.
The very fact that the said person has gone public to say that he is not going to recover the money in this frozen account because of “hefty legal fees” alone is enough justification to believe that this is indeed money that is “not clean”.
The very fact that money deposited into his account in amounts below the threshold of AUD 10,000 per deposit without triggering Central Bank notification, indicates that he is very aware of the Australian Legal System in regards to money deposits. He now definitely cannot rely on the fact that he is “ignorant” of the same.
What prompted me to write this is:
  • The IGP ( Inspector General of Police ) in Malaysia was super quick to come to the defence of this Police CID Officer.
  • The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Zahid Hamidi too joined the band wagon to come to the defence of this person stating that he may have been “naïve” on Australian laws. 
  • ( Malaysiakini 4th march 2018 )
  • The explanation and the mathematics of the amount of money does not add up in the explanation given by this CID Officer.
This makes one wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg that involve many more millions and the IGP and the Deputy Prime Minister themselves !
What irks me the most here is that the Deputy Home Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Nur Jazlan Mohammad had the cheek and nerve to host a media conference and explicitly  stated 
“  Australia trying to ’embarrass Malaysia with CID chief money reveal ”. 
( Malaysiakini dated 3 March 2018 )
Not only was he and the others stated above, coming to the defence of that person, he is also  saying /implying that:
  • Australia is trying to embarrass the Malaysian Government
  • Australia is a vindictive government when he said  “However, Nur Jazlan said the failure of the Australian authorities to do so had raised questions on whether they “have an axe to grind” in the case.”
In view of the above, I am appealing to the Australian government NOT TO stand down on this issue and let it rest.
NOT taking any action only implies that the Australian government is a weak government that does not follow up on her actions against money laundering and acts of criminal activity involving money.
HOWEVER, by taking stern and definite action against this person, we educate the world that Australia is not a destination for money laundering or a destination to send illegally gained corrupted money from anywhere in the world.
We educate the world that Australia is not a nation to be belittled and surely will not tolerate anyone trying to embarrass and insult Australia! Australia has strict laws and policies in place and Australia should not hesitate to act on money laundering activities.
Even now, the Paris-based anti-laundering agency, the Financial Action Task Force, warned that “Australia is seen as an attractive destination for foreign proceeds [of crime], particularly corruption-related proceeds, flowing into real estate, from the Asia-Pacific region.”
Of late, even the Australian Prime Minister’s son, Alex Turnbull claimed that he was sidelined from his executive position at Goldman Sachs in Singapore and reprimanded after he raised concerns and blew the whistle about the company’s dealing with Malaysian Fund 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).  
These are corrupted dealings by corrupted Malaysians from all levels linked to Australia.
I am disgustedly ashamed and utterly embarrassed and sad when I am mocked as to what is Australia doing when corruption activities happens on Australian soil. There has been a few cases involving Malaysians / Malaysian companies with elements of corruption and yet nothing seemed  to be done!
  • The building addressed at 746, Swanston Street, Melbourne  involving Raine & Horne Australia, MARA Malaysia and corrupt officials including one Mohamad Lan Allani       ( The Sydney Morning Herald dated  27 January 2018 )
  • Dudley House in Caufield East, Melbourne. The very same politically linked person, one Mohamad Lan Allani is involved. ( The Age dated 23 June 2015 )
Even until today, a convicted Malaysian is held in detention  “at the courtesy and expenses of Australians” in Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre in a case involving the murder of a Mongolian, Altantuyaa Shaaribuu.  This is a case that embroiled the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak in a corrupted commission scheme involving Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred Million.
Malaysia and her Prime Minister Najib Razak is today world famous for his 1MDB and MO1 issues, not to mention other issues relating to corruption.  Malaysians are suffering because of this deadly disease …..   and I care !
I am an Australian citizen who originated from Malaysia. I live with my family in Australia. Australia has been good to us. My loyalty is with AUSTRALIA but on the same breath this is a golden opportunity to restore the very battered image of Malaysia when it comes to corruption. 
I am not asking the Australian Government to be involved in Malaysian politics though I wish Australia would play a prominent role to assist to stem out rampant corruption in Malaysia.
What I am asking of the Australian government is to take action against these people who are tarnishing the good image of this great nation. We just cannot allow these people to belittle, mock and insult this great nation of ours. 
These corrupted and unscrupulous people in Malaysia cannot be allowed to tarnish or even question the laws and the policies of transparency of Australia for their own personal monetary gains. 
EXTRADITE AND CHARGE / PROSECUTE these people to show the world the true Australia and that Australians will not be insulted, bullied or intimidated.
I herein extend my apologies that I pen this with anonymity as Malaysia has proven to “free the criminals but prosecute whistle blowers ”. ( Rafizi Ramli:  Malaysiakini Feb 2018 )
This is indeed the request of many, that the Australian government do act and act now on these issues before the good name and standing of Australia, in the eyes of the world, is tainted and tarnished.
While diplomatic relationships between two countries auger well in many aspects, this relationship cannot and must not be abused to protect and/or indirectly promote criminal activities of money laundering and corruption.
Therefore, I implore you, the Government of Australia to do what is right, to act now to bring justice to all concerned.
Thank you.
God bless Australia!
Kind regards,
A Citizen of Australia
Country of Origin:  Malaysia.
For and On Behalf of Many Malaysians
Premier Hon Daniel Andrews
Leader of the Labor Party
Level 1
1 Treasury Place
East Melbourne
Vic 3002
Hon Matthew Guy
Leader of the Opposition / Leader of the Liberal Party
Shop 30D, Bullen Plaza
101, Manningham Road,
Vic 3105
Hon Michael Keenan
Minister of Justice
Parliament Office
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House of Representatives
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